Psychodynamic and EMDR Counselling
Video, Phone and in Person

Counselling grounded in listening, exploring & making links between your past and present.
Why Start Counselling?

Sam Southey: A Psychodynamic Counseller, EMDR Therapist and Counselling Tutor

MBACP, BPC registered

Counselling is about getting to the root of what's making you unhappy to create long-lasting change. Our unconscious is that which is unknown to us, and sometimes it contains things that are too painful to look at alone. I will help you explore any patterns and we can work together to help you understand them, and to look at what choices are available to you.

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Psychodynamic Counselling and EMDR Therapy

Why Start Counselling?

There are many reasons why someone decides to work with me. You may be facing an unexpected life situation that you're finding difficult to cope with or you might find you're struggling with painful, disturbing and uncomfortable feelings like anger, sadness and anxiety.

Work With Me

Some of the reasons people come to counselling for, and the areas I specialise in, include:

Low self esteem
Low self confidence
Disorder eating; binge eating / restricted eating
Anxiety and depression
Loss (job, relationship, self image)
Unsatisfying relationships
Suicidal feelings
Sexual abuse
Work-related stress
Loneliness, emptiness and numbness

What is Counselling?

Psychodynamic counselling is a form of talking therapy where we meet weekly for one to one counselling with sessions lasting 50 minutes. They are usually on the same day and time each week and we can work together over the long term, or for a limited time, normally 12 sessions. You decide on the pace of counselling.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) involves focusing on a past incident that is causing you distress in the present day. You may have a memory or an image connected to what happened, or you may experience thoughts that are unconnected to the situation they occur in. EMDR isn't necessarily about the eye movements, but what this movement does to our brain. This bilateral movement facilitates a desensitisation process for a traumatic memory along with cognitive restructuring.

EMDR is one of the therapies recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It can help to reduce the intensity of feelings attached to a past incident and / or trauma.

Counselling is an invitation to speak freely about the things that matter and offers a safe space free from judgement, where you can learn to listen to yourself and be heard without preconceptions.

We can work remotely where your sessions take place online via video or by telephone and your counselling sessions take place in a quiet private room to ensure your privacy is maintained.

Online counselling and therapy can be as effective as in person sessions. What is important is that you have a space where you can speak confidentially without being overheard.

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